Santa Barbara Vectorworks User Group

Santa Barbara VectorWorks User Group Meetings

When:  The next meeting will be 



March 14th

7:00 PM 


Where:  The Santa Barbara VectorWorks User Group meets in Room 1530 of the Theatre and Dance Building, UCSB.  Navigating on campus can be a little confusing - no building has a street address that I can find.  Follow the directions below and check out the campus map and navigational photos of the parking lot and courtyard.  There is also a downloadable guide.

Directions:  The campus is in Goleta, right next to the Santa Barbara Airport.  You can take Hwy 217/Ward Memorial Blvd from Hwy 101.  It will dead end at the main entrance to the campus.

Take a right on Mesa Road at the roundabout.

Turn left on Ocean Road.

Follow Ocean Road (it takes a couple odd corners) to Parking Lot 23

Parking is $3.00 payable at the machine at the far end of the lot.  It takes credit cards or bills.  It will give you a receipt to put on your dashboard.  The machine DOES NOT give change!

Sometimes the machine in Lot 23 is touchy.  You might want to try the parking structure, Lot 22.  It has a machine on each level, and, therefore, a better chance of finding a machine that works.

While standing at the parking machine in Lot 23 the Theatre and Dance building will be at your 11:00.  Go around the the left side of the building throught the break in the wall into a courtyard.  Room 1530 is at the far end of the courtyard.

BEWARE OF BICYCLES!!  They won't stop for you.

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