1. What on Earth do you do at a VectorWorks User Group Meeting?

We answer questions users have about projects they are working on and explore one or two features / functions / commands / workflows of VW in some dog-and-pony-show depth.

2. What does it cost?

The meeting is free.  The parking is $3.00.

3. Do I need to bring a laptop?

Nope.  It’s not a class - it's a meeting.  The meeting is questions (almost always with answers), discussions, and demonstrations.  Some people do bring laptops to try out things we are discussing or demonstrate problems they are having.

4. Bicycles?

Yeah...  Bicycles have the right of way at all times.  They won't expect anyone to be on the bike path.  If you are walking on the bike path you could easily get run over by beach cruser.

I have no explanation for the people with the swords.      

5. How much do I have to know about VectorWorks to come to the meeting?

All you need to know is  the time and place of the meeting.  ALL questions about VW, no matter how advanced or how novice are welcome.  

Seriously.  Any question. 

6. How can I get discounts on VectorWorks licenses and updates?

I'm a Vectorworks reseller and being a member of the Santa Barbara VW User Group entitles you to discounts on VW licenses and updates!  Email me for more details.

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